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High Definition Infrared Imaging


Infrared and Temperature Measurement

Finding a problem with an infrared camera is sometimes not enough. In fact, an infrared camera image alone without accurate temperature measurements says very little about the condition of an electrical connection or worn mechanical part. Many electrical targets are operating properly at temperatures that are significantly above ambient. An infrared image without measurement can be misleading because it may visually suggest a problem that does not exist.

"The infrared thermography world has advanced greatly over the past 5 years. The latest equipment can provide 20 times the detail giving a photo realistic image. This allows you more understanding of the potential problems and saves time and money. Greatly improved software yields amazing information previously unavailable. AVI and MPEG images, Sequential and time lapse imaging are easily done and provide you with the best information possible.

Whether your problem is just keeping heat in or out of your house or determining the heat paths for complex circuit boards Strictly thermal has the High Definition Imaging equipment, software and training to give you the information you need now!





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Building Diagnostics

Buildings may be quickly and thoroughly scanned using a FLIR thermal imager, identifying problem areas that can't be seen by the naked eye.
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Energy Auditing & Home Inspection

Excessive air leakage can account for up to half of the energy consumed to condition buildings. The leakage pathway is often complex and, without thermal imaging, extremely difficult to visualize.
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Property & Facility Management

Thermal imagers are a valuable tool in predictive maintenance of electrical, mechanical, and structural systems, to detect problems, prevent downtime, guide corrective action, and increase work safety.
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HVAC & Plumbing

With FLIR thermal imagers it's easy to scan an entire building to see the relation of HVAC system, building envelope, and plumbing issues.
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Moisture & Restoration

The presence of moisture in building envelopes, either from leakage or condensation, can have serious consequences. With infrared images, water damage is easily detected.



Our Services




Our Services





Our Services




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